The New Cold War (II)

The New Cold War (II)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


Foreign relations experts say that perhaps the real objective of this New Cold War has been to achieve hegemony in the global technology market, because the Huawei devices banned by Trump use the Android operating system developed by Google, and his trade ban would mean eliminating access to the Android operating system on all smartphones in the future, so that many of its functions, such as maps, cloud backup and follower updates could not be used. This would leave the doors open to hackers looking for personal information to exploit, such as access to banking apps.


In Mexico there are about 106.7 million smartphones, 11.43% of which are of the Chinese brand. So it is a relatively small problem. But Huawei’s global presence is huge and the move will surely produce a strong response from the Chinese government and this could lead to more tensions than those caused by the First Cold War.


The truth is that nobody knows what is going to happen, but it is an obvious fact that today’s human society is experiencing right now the beginnings of the New 21st Century Cold War.


Addendum: With Trump’s crazy and arbitrary handling of international relations, anything can happen.