The hidden origins of ISIS

The hidden origins of ISIS


Created Wednesday November 25 2015


 By Alfonso Elizondo


The militant Islamic group, formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq is now the most feared terrorist groups the world. It has gathered ruthless extremists and advisers whose mission is to wipe out everyone who won’t agree with their ideology, regardless of their religion or principles, and to impose Sharia law (Islamic Law) everywhere. Its mass executions, including beheadings and crucifixions are carried out with great pride, recorded on video and displayed for everyone to see them.

This ghastly story of ISIS begins with the overthrowing of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The first intervention Obama carried out abroad was a consequence of the Arab Spring and NATO defined it a humanitarian mission, even though it wasn’t a secret that the CIA was helping the Libyan rebels to overthrow Gaddafi. Nor was a secret that Obama ordered for airstrikes to be initiated against the Libyan government. Shortly after, the leader of the Libyan rebels admitted that among its fighters there were also Al Qaeda jihadists who had fought against the allies of the West in Iraq.

These jihadists in Iraq were part of the group that Western security experts called Al Qaeda in Iraq. That’s how Al Qaeda was converted into ISIS. Later on, with the help of the CIA, NATO and the air support of the United States, Gaddafi rebels finally captured and executed him in the street like a common criminal, crying out loud Al · Akbar (God is Great) whose aim was to establish a liberal democracy in Libya; unfortunately they were soon to be manipulated by the CIA and their illusions were put to an end.

Before the US and NATO intervention, Libya had the highest standard of living among all African countries, according to the Human Development Index of the UN for 2010. However, in the years that followed the coup, the country fell into chaos and Libya is now considered a fallen state. After the overthrowing of Gaddafi, all Libyan arsenals were looted and sent to Syria by the hands of Turkey, which was then a NATO ally. On September 14, 2011, Time of London and the New York Times reported the arrival of huge arm shipment to Syria. Just three days after the assassination of the US ambassador was assassinated in Benghazi, there came the weapons, so the only evidence of the massive smuggling of heavy weapons between the United States and the Syrian rebels was buried with him.

While the Western media focused on the fact that the US State Department did not provide adequate security to the consulate in Libya, the Pulitzer Prize journalist Seymour Hersh published in April 2014 a classified agreement between Turkey, the CIA and the Syrian rebels who aimed to create a secret network called Rates line to channel weapons and ammunition from Libya through southern Turkey. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar funded this project.

It is obvious that with the death of Ambassador Steven, all the information that directly linked the US participation in sending heavy weapons to Syria was hidden. So jihadist fighters, together with and many of experienced commanders began migrating to Libya. Meanwhile, the United States and its allies were concentrated on overthrowing the Assad government in Syria and try to define this as a Human Right intervention, as they did in Libya, covering up the growing jihadist presence in Syria as much as possible.

However, as the rebels gained strength, reports on war crimes and atrocities started to appear, creating quite a headache for Washington diplomacy · In an interview with the commander of the FSA (Foreign Service Institute) in April 2014, Jamal Maarouf admitted that their militias regularly conducted joint operations with Al Nusra, the official branch of Al Qaeda in Syria; in another interview Colonel Abdel Basset Al- Tauil, commander of the Northern Front FSA, openly discussed his involvement with Al Nusra (See attached video provided by the Institute for War Studies).

Meanwhile, Reuters had reported in 2012 that the FSA was dominated by Islamic extremists and the New York Times had uncovered that most of the weapons sent to Syria by Washington had ended up in the hands of the jihadists. This didn’t stop the US government from keeping sending arms to Syria did what they could to maintain the information secret. Increased ties between the FSA and Al Nurse led to the fusion in June 2014 between Al Nusra and Isis on the border of Iraq and Syria.

Under this joint force, sarin gas attacks had been committed by Syrian rebels in 2013; despite the fact that UN investigators, the Russians and the Pulitzer Prize Seymour Harsh all had warned that the perpetrators of the crime had been supported by Washington, the same rebels threatened to publicly what had happened with the Libyan arsenals if they were not supplied more heavy weapons that month.

This explains why Washington immediately decided to attack Russia, and the threat of Syrian rebels attacking the West was averted in June 2013, due to the fact that nine days after that the rebels received their first official shipment of heavy weapons in Aleppo. After the second failure of the United States in Syria using sarin gas, they continued to increase training and support to the rebels in Syria. In February 2014 Haaretz (a Jewish newspaper) revealed that the United States, along with Israel would help the Syrian rebels to plan a massive attack in the south. According to Haaretz, Israel had provided Syrian rebels with technical to help them in their military operations against Assad.

Although President Obama appears to be a weak and somewhat indecisive politician, this is only a façade, as he continues doing exactly what every president of the United States has done throughout the last century: promoting wars worldwide, gaining great wealth in the sale of arms, war ships and air vehicles, and of course dealing with the very profitable business of mercenaries.

Since 1979, the United States has been planning to plunge Russia into a project initiated by Reagan and continued by George Bush senior. This strategy worked very well and after Russia invaded nearby territories, after ten years of war it went totally bankrupt, which led to the fall of the Soviet Union. That old event is very similar to what is now happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, as Al Nosra and ISIS ideologies are the descendants of these extremist elements that the US used 30 years ago.

We will continue this story in our next article.