3 Trends of the Current World (I)

The 3 Trends of the Current World (I)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


First of all there is the competition between China and the United States, then the consolidation of a multipolar world and the rise of nationalist populism.

The competition between China and the United States has manifested itself in trade, although it is moving into the realm of technologies such as 5G and the space race. Another aspect is the peace process in Korea that will not become a reality without an agreement between the two nations: China and Korea. However, the most dangerous trend is the tension created by China and the United States in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

At the same time, Russia is trying to join China and the United States to form a power triangle and to push for regional hegemony, while other countries such as Japan, Qatar and Ethiopia are trying to increase their global influence.

Nationalist populism is already a worldwide phenomenon and this year (2019) it will be put to the test in Latin America with Bolsonaro in Brazil and his counterpart López Obrador in Mexico. The UK is facing Brexit and Brussels is experiencing the rise of the far right in the next European elections.

Added to all this is the crisis in Italy and political leaders such as Modi and Netanyahou, while the US will end this year in the middle of the 2020 presidential elections process.

Addendum: I will continue to address these 3 trends of today’s world.