Geopolitical conflicts in 2016 (Part II)

Geopolitical conflicts in 2016 (Part II)

By Alfonso Elizondo

Created Monday December 28 2015

5. The TPP (TransPacific Partnership) is a project of trade agreement promoted by Obama in an attempts to link several nations with coastlines in the Pacific. These include Australia, the United States, Japan, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada and Mexico. This project is especially wrong because it helps large corporations worldwide so that they promote a world government in which they would have full control.

Obama is trying to continue this half-secret project, not only with US lawmakers, but he has also hired 600 lobbyists to be reliving the worst aspects of the old trade agreements, especially in countries that are competing more with the United States. So if Obama achieves signing his TPP, many of the opportunities and freedom that are now enjoyed by businessmen and traders in North America will then be manipulated by big corporations so not to allow smaller players to compete with them.

The average Americans are quite worried that if the TPP is signed, considering that corporations could expose the population to toxic food intake, it would sacrifice the financial future of many people and businesses for a profit in the short term, as well as destroy the environment and continue wars so that these corporations can sell more weapons and increase their profits.

The term free trade means that the agreement would be unrestricted and uncontrolled access to the national economy, with free tax rates for goods made by paying someone a salary of 4$ per hour or less, in order to compete with the Chinese production that is now in control of the world market. As for the small and medium entrepreneurs they give them the choice of going bankrupt, hire employees through outsourcing or sell their companies.

This situation has already been seen with NAFTA and the Free Trade Agreement between Korea and the United States (KORUS), which have resulted in massive, job losses, the decline of large companies, increase of the national debt and large public deficits.  On top of it, it has created dangerous flow of imports in domestic markets and the beginning of the fall of the domestic market with the closure of businesses in big cities like Detroit, due to the loss of jobs and the tax base decrease.

If the Obama administration and Congress manage to sign the TPP, not only the US economy would be at the mercy of the free trade negative effects, but the TPP would also create new regulations and trade rules that would impact negatively on the daily life of the average American. It would influence the Internet, as well as other things, such as health, food, access to medicines, environmental policy, workers’ rights, financial regulation, services, investment and control of patents and trademarks.

At the same time, the effect for smaller economies or those controlled by the United States as in the case of Mexico could be a deadly blow that would cause the total loss of national sovereignty.

6. The great threat of ISIS. According to the German journalist Jurgen Todenhoefer, who infiltrated the Islamic State ranks, much more dangerous than Western political leaders think and is preparing to carry out the largest campaign of religious cleansing the world has ever seen. Throughout his journey in the Islamist Caliphate Todenhoefer visited Raqqa and Deir ez Zor in Syria and Mosul in Iraq.  He has accounted his impressions in interviews for different media. He told CNN that despite all the atrocities carried out by the IS and the fear that reigns over their territories, people there generally seem happy.

Although about 130,000 Christians have been driven out of Mosul, the Shiites have fled and many people have been killed, the city still works and people like the volatility that has been brought by the Islamic State. According to Todenhoefer what’s so dangerous is that the number of jihadists is increasing every day, and many of them are professionals with high academic skills and foreign degrees. He also saw soldiers equipped with AK-47s who claimed they had already been fighting in the battlefields.

According to this renowned German journalist, the seven-step program that Al Qaeda defined to achieve Islamic domination was written in 1996 and started with the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington. The second phase of the ISIS intelligence project was from 2003 to 2006, according to the Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein, who shared a Jordanian jail cell with Al-Maqdisi, who was none else that the mentor of Al Zarqawi, one of the leading senior al Qaeda commanders who died in 2006.

The third phase of ISIS was between 2007 and 2010, when there was a focus on Syria, while the fourth phase was from 2010 to 2013, which Hussein has described as the overthrow of the Arab governments in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Tunisia and Syria. At the same time, the attacks were carried out against oil providers and economy was defined by using cyber terrorism, doing everything possible to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.

Hussein believes that from 2016 there will be a phase of total conflict and the caliphate will instigate the struggle between believers and non-believers that had already been predicted by Osama bin Laden. While the seventh stage will supposedly take place at the end of 2020 and described as the definite victory, Hussein says that the world be so struck by the 1.5 million of Muslims belonging to the caliphate that this will be guaranteed to be successful and the war won’t last more than two years.

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden, the former analyst at the National Security Agency of the United States (NSA) announced that the ISIS was created through a joint effort of the intelligence services of the United States, United Kingdom and the Israeli regime. This is a fact that many do not want to accept because it goes against what it’s mainly been spread by Western media, describing a very different reality, since living under Western empire also means to be controlled by those who fund these terrorists mechanisms.

However, it is a fact that hundreds of thousands of people are now fleeing their home and leaving their origins in regions where the Islamic state forcibly brought suffering and misfortune. Although most Western countries would like to label this terrible reality of a murderer created by the minds of the US, the UK and the Israeli regime as a conspiratorial theory, if we try to slowly decipher the facts it is undeniable that this bloody monster has been created by an empire unable to admit its decadence and that wants to remain the only world leader.

Addendum: Although we could also add the fights in Ukraine and the North Pacific, the conflicts mentioned above are already enough to expect an unstable 2016, where we will witness the start of the natural formation of a new multi-polarized world order where the US will stop being the only power that leads the world according to their particular interests, ideologies and myths.