Current Climate Chaos

Current Climate Chaos
Written by Alfonso Elizondo 


According to Dominique Bourg, professor of the Institute of Soil Policy and the Urban Environment of the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment, whose research interests are: ecological thinking and sustainable development, technology assessment and risk management, the precautionary principle, public debate and ecological democracy. Bourg believes that changing the environment changes the lives of all humanity. At a recent conference, this French philosopher and climate protection expert spoke about the ‘Anthropocene’, a new period on the planet, also known as ‘the Age of Man’ and characterized by an increase in carbon dioxide. Bourg noted that the ‘Anthropocene’ is continuing in the present and every decade something new appears.


The term ‘anthropozoic’ was created by geologist and paleontologist Antonio Stoppani in the 19th century to designate a new geological era affected by human activity. This term was also used in 2000 by winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Paul Crutzen, who believes that human behavior on the Earth over the last few centuries has been very significant and has created a new geological age. This concept has been gaining strength since 2008. For it to become official worldwide requires the approval of the International Commission on Stratigraphy. Bourg says that another very important factor at present has been the increase in the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, and currently it is three times higher than before human activity. He also pointed out that this is now happening in areas of the Planet that are further away from industrial activity.

In 2009, climate researchers warned about the crossing of the quality threshold for the climate, biodiversity and the nitrogen-phosphorus cycle. And right now they are warning about the crossing of the quality threshold in soil use, especially in the destruction of forests. As a result, these scientists drew certain ‘red lines’ that allow us to establish that the threshold of a new era of the history of Planet Earth has been crossed. According to information leaked by the Russians, all the events have been triggered by a technology called HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research), a secret project of the United States Air Force. According to a summary of the report by climate scientist Benjamin Fulford, the earthquake in Nepal was caused by HAARP waves as a warning to India to not team up with China. And the same thing has been said about the wave of hurricanes and earthquakes that have devastated the planet this year.

Fulford’s biography reveals that when he was only 17 years old he went on a journey through the Amazon and lived with a native tribe from that region. Then he went on to the University of Japan to study the climate. He later left his job as chief editor of Forbes Magazine in Asia and the Pacific, after investigating a scandal that the editor refused to publish and he discovered a complex network of global financial control in the hands of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, as well as the truth about of the biological weapons that were designed to spread disease and kill people of certain ethnic backgrounds and low income levels.

Although Bulford was young – born in 1961 – he achieved great popularity and managed to interview David Rockefeller in November of 2007. After this interview he obtained many more with famous personalities and wrote about conspiracy theories, concluding that the US was capable of changing the climate and using induced earthquakes to generate high-power microwave energy, including the great Asian tsunami that caused natural disasters in Japan and China (HAARP Program).

For his part, Paul Beckwith, an expert climatologist at the University of Ottawa (Canada), suggests that governments around the world should declare a ‘Global Climate Emergency’, as recent data suggest that changes in ocean currents in the northern hemisphere could put an end to the seasons of the weather as we now know them. These jet streams of the northern hemisphere, created by cold and warm air, have changed direction and crossed the equator, where they have joined with the currents of the southern hemisphere, created by cold and dry air. So Beckwith says: ‘Welcome to climate chaos; we must declare a global climate emergency’.

Meanwhile, another environmental expert named Robert Scribber states that thanks to Climate Change, increased by irresponsible human action, the situation has worsened causing the jet streams to completely change direction. So if the ‘climate distortion’ continues one could be heading towards the ‘Death of Winter’. Regardless of the cause of this global climate chaos, Earth and humanity are suffering as never before. So the stability of the climate that has been enjoyed for millennia has ended and human civilization faces a very critical new stage in which its survival cannot be ensured for long.

Addendum: Apart from the deliberate concealment by conspiracy theories and the struggle of the top elites to have political and economic control of the Planet, the data offered by climate change experts are compelling and frightening. Fortunately the world order is becoming more plural every day, families are smaller and the possibility exists that the current migration, political and climate chaos will be managed.