Between Two Wars

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Between Two Wars

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Created on Friday, December 2, 2016, 12:55

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The remarkable decline of the Western world at present is creating a serious confusion in the minds of its political and ideological leaders. While some of them still cling to the neoliberal idea of starting and financing wars in distant places to obtain large returns on capital, as has been the case since World War I, there is a new trend, led by Trump, supported by Angela Merkel and the UK who have started a kind of race war, which should be of most benefit to Anglo-Saxon whites by lowering their taxes, securing better wages and forcing large corporations to stay within their national borders.


This new world view that already has the support of several European nations, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and Holland, to name only the most powerful, would create a model of the State that would privatize all law enforcement institutions, including judges, the police and prisons and all institutions providing health, education and other social services. It would also include all national infrastructures: roads, bridges, public spaces, national parks, museums, railways, airports, port facilities and all public services such as electricity, natural gas and water.


To this appalling and absurd formula for social coexistence should be added the serious problem of the emergence of a new demographic in all the more developed western nations, with the number of elderly people who can no longer work increasing rapidly and Generations ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ (the so-called ‘millennials’) not yet trained and usually not wanting to get higher education or go to university because through various means they are already earning enough to give them the autonomy that, according to studies by social analysts, is what they most desire. The idea of the Christian family is disappearing all over the world today, and most young people want to live alone or with occasional partners and not have children, and so all of this has resulted in impoverished economies in the vast majority of European countries.


When you add to this reality the problem caused by the growing power of large transnational corporations and mergers between them that have led to them taking over the agricultural, livestock and mining areas of underdeveloped countries, driving out their original owners and creating in the process a huge number of indigenous people from Africa and poor Middle Eastern countries that lack sources of income and are looking for ways to survive. This in turn has led to the largest number of migrants to Europe in the history of human civilization.


The same is true of the American Continent, where the new generation of neo-fascist politicians are closing the borders to millions of poor migrations from Central and South America through sadistic methods created by members of the FBI and the CIA, who are living lavishly in Mexico City, manipulating criminal gangs and hundreds of thousands of unemployed people to destroy those groups in Mexican territory before they can reach the border with the United States. The so-called ‘Mérida Initiative’ that barely provides a few million dollars to the Mexican government to contain Latin American migrations is the official formula of that wicked US policy to keep ethnic groups from Latin America and the Caribbean out of its territory.


It will be very difficult for this new ‘neo-fascist race war’ to prevail in the West, but it cannot be eliminated until after the first months of Trump’s term and his ‘hawks’ and radical ‘xenophobes’ have been installed in the presidential apparatus of the States United States. Then we will see the great failure of the new political model and look for a new formula for social coexistence where national boundaries, ethnic differences and the great variety of radical collective myths will cease to exist.


Addendum: It is likely that in some regions of the world, such as Syria in the Middle East and some Eastern European nations – such as Hungary and Romania – violent incidents causing innocent deaths may occur. But there is little doubt that in a few years the conflicts brought about by ‘neo-fascism’ will be eliminated and the Western World will be at peace again. This will perhaps be the situation under a new world order that will no longer be led by the United States, and where English will be not the most common commercial, diplomatic and financial language globally, but some algorithm or icon of the new digital technology.