A Different Analysis of the Current Crisis

A Different Analysis of the Current Crisis

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

In general, those who do the economic analyses of countries and the world as a whole are economists for whom all commercial operations and how the world works depend on existing supply and demand, both at the level of large corporations and at the level of individuals in their personal life. They think that this will lead to a permanent commercial and financial flow, provided that there are no serious problems with floating capital, with the type of currency used, with the consumption habits of the majority and with the world’s dominant legal and judicial structure, in addition to the new technologies and prevailing habits of people in the way they use their income.


However, the reality is that market conditions are subject to many external influences and are not only the supply and demand situation of one country or one region of the world, but are also contingent upon a series of geopolitical elements that determine the course of global economies, such as the military might of the great powers, the management of energy reserves and the wealth that there is in different regions of the world. To this we must add a kind of natural right of the countries with the greatest military, technological and commercial power, which constitutes the new multipolar world order prevailing at the moment.


All of this is in addition to the birth of new great powers, such as China and Russia that are approaching economic development from other perspectives, as is the case of the ‘social ethics’ of Chinese political leaders supported by their communist party, which works much better than so-called ‘Western democracy’. In fact, over the last fifty years, the economic growth of the Chinese empire has far surpassed the weak growth of the West and is bringing about a new world order, which avoids military confrontation, creates a huge middle class and allows numerous ideologies to interact with each other, with their main characteristic being respect between all types of people.


For its part, the Soviet autarchy has gained control of current conflict points and have been opening doors to new ways of seeing the world, all manipulated by the extraordinary political skill of its leader Putin and the versatility he shows in establishing all kinds of alliances, especially with the various ethnic groups in the Middle East, some Islamic countries and brotherhoods, as well as his alliances with several countries in the West.


There is no doubt that for now China and Russia are the nodal points of the new world order, and if they eventually manage to control the new Eurasian continent, they will soon have left the United States sunk in the abyss of contradictions and internal struggles caused by the presence of a madman in the office of president. Also, the growth of the US external debt will soon lead to a crisis similar to the one caused in 1929, when President Roosevelt had to create a major war in the ruins of Europe to be able to obtain the resources to enable him to continue with the misguided myth of ‘Western democracy’.


The real fact is that not only is American democracy in its final stage, but something similar is happening in all Western countries, including Japan and the countries of Southeast Asia extending as far as Australia. Due to the intervention of the American media throughout Europe and Latin America, the true deficit facing the United States at the moment is still unknown because attempts have been made to hide this situation with relative success since the creation of the Treasury Department which is only trying to defer the crisis of its huge external debt for as long as possible.


Addendum: Even though Trump and his family gang of criminals still consider themselves the masters of today’s world, the truth is that the wealth of US billionaires will be meaningless if they lose most of the world’s trade routes and remain trapped in the deplorable myth of Freemasonry associated with the most primitive rural society of the Quaker world.


In the meantime, China is building in the new Eurasian Continent its new empire that will undoubtedly prevail in the next few centuries.