White Supremacy in the US

White Supremacy in the US

Written by Alfonso Elizondo



The actions taken against Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, Jews and members of the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) are underpinned by nationalism, white supremacy, racism and xenophobia. This is apparent in the introductory text of the largest white supremacist forum called Stormfront, which says: ‘If blacks or Mexicans become the majority they will not be able to maintain the social, cultural and economic systems of the white man, because they do not have the necessary mentality. ‘ ‘Who in their right mind would allow immigration from countries like Iraq, Somalia and Mexico to the United States or Europe?‘


A group with greater exposure that is the most notorious in the US and that predicts the social supremacy of whites is the Ku Klux Klan. It began to put pressure on towns and cities in the southern US where slavery had been abolished since the end of the American civil war. They scared the African-American population away from demanding representatives who were not sympathetic to them and that level of violence grew to the point of lynching.


At present they continue to intimidate and provoke the non-white and non-Christian population of the United States. The level of KKK violence is still latent and its groups have grown significantly. However, despite carrying out acts of racist hatred, they are not considered terrorist groups since the US government categorizes only transnational groups and organizations as terrorists.


What makes white supremacy more dangerous is the legal and political grounds on which they are based. Supremacist leader Craig Cobb attempted to create an enclave for white people in the town of Leith (North Dakota). There he bought property, sold it to the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and convened a rally attended by the leader of the US Nazi movement, Jeff Shoep, who was arrested by the police based on circumstantial evidence for another crime committed locally.


Another similar case was that of the White Lives Matter movement that emerged as a reaction to the Black Lives Matter protests because White Lives Matter is a white supremacist Nazi group, which led Deng Chism, co-founder of WLM and president of the Aryan Renaissance Society to say: ‘We must do everything possible to stop the rising tide of color and acts of violence. We have to recover our communities and stand up against adversity, be rational, sensitive and strong along the way. ‘


In fact, what stopped the KKK was the KuKlux Act which was action taken by the Government to prevent the murder and lynching of African-Americans. However, they have not stopped operating and are still a hate movement in the US, and according to studies by experts, their political impact is linked to the Republican Party in the southern United States.


Supremacist and racist groups have taken advantage of the First Amendment that protects them legally to exercise their freedom of expression and they generate hate speech among the American population. Although white supremacy has a long and violent historical journey, the press has singled out other groups such as the Muslim community.


Although extremist Muslim movements and other hate groups of any kind are dangerous, they are not as much so as the radicalism that is based on racism, xenophobia, homophobic supremacism etc., which in different ways is hidden by the press.


The KKK has terrorized the American population for several decades before the appearance of radical Muslim groups like al Qaeda and Isis. Although no one understands why white Americans are so afraid of minorities, they are probably afraid that they will be treated the same way that they currently treat minorities when they cease to be the majority.


Addendum: This hypothesis that white supremacy is in outright decline in the Western world is fed by the conflicts in the areas of energy, trade, migration and war at the present time, plus the presence of mostly incompetent leaders of the big countries of the world with Trump in the lead.