US democracy turns into cruelty


US democracy turns into cruelty

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

When the democratic model began to develop in ancient Greece, there were very contradictory situations in its entire geographical space which, to some extent, can be considered antithetical to the freedoms and benefits that this utopian model of the State would supposedly have created. The basic situation at the time  was that the citizens involved in making democracy possible had to have their own servants and slaves to allow them to spend their free time on the lengthy public debates that took place in the large spaces called ‘agoras’ or public squares.


It is all too obvious that those who created the model of the democratic state were a minority with substantial incomes and political power who were far from being genuine representatives of the people. That did not mean that the first democratic citizens in history lacked culture and a high dose of ‘moral conscience.’ They sought to create a balance between all the inhabitants of that part of the world a few centuries after private property appeared and became a kind of ‘natural right’ on which the democratic utopia of the Western world was built. This utopia has persisted, albeit with major modifications, over the centuries and in the different territories in the West.


Perhaps the most advanced and genuine expression of democracy emerged at the end of the eighteenth century with the social phenomenon of the French Revolution, when the aristocracy of the most powerful monarch in the world, Louis XV, devised a method to control the social classes in the middle and the poorest people, to relieve their monarch of matters that interfered with his personal relationship with God, but above all with the beautiful women who surrounded and besieged him all the time.


The process of colonization that came into being when France, Spain and England became the owners of the world put a complete end to the idea of commercial economies, services and existing energy resources and turned into a kind of struggle between the three great powers that were trying to seize the material goods, energy resources and agricultural reserves of the main countries in the world. This situation still prevails in today’s world and is causing a major break up among different nations, huge migration processes and the creation of a new world full of animosity, of military weapons,  of the virtual disappearance of diplomacy and of the so-called “world order” .


To this entire situation has been added in the last fifty years the rebirth of the Chinese Empire hand in hand with the Russians to completely change the direction of the world in general. The alliance of these powers has changed the direction of politics, economics and finance throughout the world and is starting a new stage in the entire human society at present.


As has always happened throughout history, when great empires begin to collapse, those who still have economic and military power think that this situation will last forever, and that there is a strong possibility that they are not only able to maintain their power, but can return to the most successful moments in the past to become once more the leaders of the world ‘ad eternum’.


However, there are some nodular elements at the moment that cannot be deferred or modified, as is the case with ‘climate change’, the rising level of pollution worldwide, the increase in xenophobia and in new genders and ethnicities that cannot be integrated into the global society, either due to their ancestral myths or a new culture of hatred stemming from long periods of hostility, or because of intervention by the major energy companies trying to use their technologies to obtain more territories and to control the ecological sciences, and because of companies that produce new synthetic products to replace traditional foods.


Addendum: It is very likely that China and Russia will be the new leaders of today’s world and it is very likely that the United States and the nations of Europe will have no choice but to use cruelty to survive a few more years.