Towards a Third World War

Towards a Third World War

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Trump has been trapped by today’s New State. Previously, he was being advised by a Wall Street financial banking sector, and now his economic program is that of Goldman Sachs. The Trump administration is surrounded by the most recalcitrant and Straussian neo-hawks on the political right which is playing its last cards by trying to rule the world again without any kind of diplomacy.

A case in point is that of Juan Guaidó and his allies in Venezuela, who have made the US Congress approve a bill to be ratified by Trump to eliminate the possibility of Venezuela’s Local Committees for Supply and Production (CLAP) continuing to operate.

In fact, the siege of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington is a coup d’état against international law. They show contempt for everyone and when someone opts for survival, as is the case of China, it’s a fight to the death.

However, the problem with China and Russia is different, because Obama brought China and Russia together, and now they are closer than ever as they know very well that the US will not be able to do anything against them when they are united.

If the trade war between China and the US were to continue, the US would come out losing because Chinese companies such as Huawei sell not only cell phones, but technological devices of all kinds that compete on the global market. So Trump and the US Government would have to subsidize all technology production at the expense of the national economy that is the most indebted in the history of humankind.

Unfortunately, all possible solutions to this crisis point towards a Third World War that would be waged with nuclear weapons. In this context, the role of Latin America and the Caribbean has been reduced since the disappearance of the Union of South American Nations and the co-opting of MERCOSUR by Brazil and Argentina which pegged their currencies to the dollar. Only Bolivia and Venezuela remain as bastions of independence in South America.

And so a great future for Mexico has emerged unexpectedly because of its geographical position linking the two major oceans and China with the West.

Addendum: As has always happened in the history of humankind, the ideas and interests of the ruling class and the aristocracy that wield power worldwide have nothing to do with what is happening and what will happen in the future.

But that does not stop the big elites from continuing to think they are the owners of the world and will continue to be forever.