The Trump Era Will Be Short-lived

The Trump Era Will Be Short-lived

Written by Alfonso Elizondo



The existence of ignorant and messianic comedians who are very successful in media shows and in the new type of entertainment has been partly caused by the incorporation of digital technology in the mass media, the elimination of the spoken and written word in today’s society and the emergence of social networks that are creating a human society in which emotional relationships between people have been greatly reduced as well as the use of reason to conduct their individual lives. In addition, a new type of family has emerged with very different features from the one that has prevailed in the Western world since the Enlightenment more than two hundred years ago, where the concept of monogamous conjugal marriage which only ended with the death of one of the spouses was the dominant one.


For the current President of the United States, the values ​​of the classical family, freedom, equality and fraternity which were inherited from the Enlightenment have disappeared completely and the only interest is in the mechanisms that lead to material success. The practice of personal ethics is no longer important, neither is the idea of ​​justice, equity and adherence to fundamental human values. These new people are not able to feel the slightest pain or sympathy for those who suffer because of hunger, health problems or physical punishment. The only thing they intend to do is to feed their extreme narcissism and make material gifts to their closest relatives and to their friends and servants who form their small megalomaniac and narcissistic circle.


It is very likely that all Trump’s neural problems will not put an end to his stupidity in the first days and months of his term of office, but there is no doubt that the world today, both within his own country and internationally, cannot tolerate for long a mentally ill man who believes he can rule the world with lies and ideas that change from day to day. Leading the world requires a normal person who can understand, despite their mental flaws that there is a world with rules and laws that have been accepted universally so that people can live together with a basic level of health, guaranteed safety and a minimum degree of dignity.


The areas of conflict that can explode around the world right now are so many and so different that it is very difficult to make a prediction. It could be a military conflict in the South Pacific Sea, off the coast of the two Koreas or in the Philippine Islands, not to mention the entire sea route from Arabia to South China as well as the areas of conflict in North Africa, the Middle East and the countries of Eastern Europe that are experiencing the chaos of the current migration. Neither can we rule out the shocks to trade routes, to currencies and world finances, and to the procurement of basic food and commodities.


Just a few days ago Trump aggravated the conflict over the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) with his sudden withdrawal from the agreement that Obama initiated 7 years ago and which involved 14 countries including Mexico, Peru and Chile. Now Trump has overturned the famous NAFTA agreement, thereby killing the most important trading arrangement between Mexico and the United States that surpassed US dealings with China.


Not only is Trump creating conflicts in the military, trade, monetary and financial realms, but his stupidity has extended to diplomatic relations, as he has interfered with the relationship between the two Chinas, the US agreement with Iran, the conflict between Russia and Turkey, Syria’s massive civil war, ISIS’s internal conflict, US diplomatic relations with Mexico and most Western European countries that will surely sever their ties with the United States in a couple of months.


To top it all, the demented, xenophobic megalomaniac who is now the president of the United States has revealed three pathetic aspects of his ignorance in recent days. He thinks the current economy of his country can function successfully, as it did over a period of a few years in the last century when they used the money of wealthy families to rebuild the European nations they themselves had destroyed during World War II. He also believes that the existing myths of the present Islamic world can cause more terror and more deaths than his own political actions that are filled with hatred and violence. In addition, he is of the view that his country may be able to refuse to comply with the Paris Climate Change Agreement signed by Obama, and that he has at least a period of four years to continue promoting the use of coal and fossil fuels as the main sources of energy.


Addendum: Despite the legal trickery and the bribery of judges, soldiers and rogue businessmen like himself, Trump cannot get very far if he continues with that attitude and behavior, since much of his country and the rest of the world still retain much of the ethics and rationality that have allowed the planet to survive for so many millions of years.