The Origin of Art (I)

The Origin of Art (I)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


In his book entitled Physics and Metaphysics of Painting, Louis Cottiaux, points out that the origin of art is not the result of an aesthetic need, as is generally believed, but of a need for ‘magical control’ that has always existed in the human being

In fact, all the oldest specimens of drawings and paintings contain strange signs that are difficult to interpret when the ancient rituals of sorcery are unknown. In these paintings, which generally represent animals, we see points and lines that are directed towards the withers or other vulnerable parts of the animals.

These are representations of spears and arrows that magically traverse the effigy of the animal that is in the spotlight during the witchcraft ritual.

Primitive beings knew very well the powerful effect of the hunting spell on the collective soul of certain species. They would get in touch with the spirit of the herd by means of a rite of sensitization of the painted image and obtained their consent, ensuring the eternal life of the species and its perpetuation through the salvation of mothers and young animals.

The headless bodies of bears and bison made of clay that have been found in prehistoric caves are very intriguing to archaeologists. Yet all the signs of the magical use of these effigies are visible, both in them and around them.

The spear coming out of the neck is intended to hold the freshly cut head of an animal killed in the hunt. That head gives life to the witchcraft, activates and sensitizes it with the collective soul of the herd. The subsequent magical rite serves to give the hunters control over that herd through the psychic influence exerted on the thing that gives life to these animals.

The numerous bloody handprints appearing on these effigies or in the rural paintings and the arrows nailed to vital points are visible marks of the secret rite of magical possession. Music, song and dance were originally only support for the magical thought that is reconciled with or dominates the hostile world.

So all the arts originated from the primary obligation of man incarnate to defend himself in the three spheres of the created world. After finishing the rite, they became aware of the freedom of art with its play of shapes, sounds, colors and movements to bear their magic, until they attempted to find the great soul of the world or what humans call God. This is how way private magic rose to a general level and art became the point of contact connecting us with the Universal.

So art is a magical creation and, like procreation, requires a psychic charge created by the spasm of love. The most lively and beautiful children of love are the ones that are conceived in an enthusiastic, passionate love affair.

If we consider the average human being and ordinary works, we will see that everything that is done in a mediocre way only engenders death. Very gifted artists are the only ones who unconsciously charge their works and captivate viewers who are more sensitive and receptive than ordinary human beings.

Life is passed on only by making love, whether procreating, working or praying. Where there is no love-making there is only a caricature of life, boredom and death.

Addendum: In the second part of this article, I will deal with this same topic of the origin of art from totally different point of view.