The Current 7 Great Powers

The Current 7 Great Powers

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

Although Japan is currently the third power in the world, it is the safest on Earth and without having an army, it is ahead because of its economy. Its population is decreasing every day, to such an extent that the Japanese do not want to have sex as if for fear of maintaining a family in the traditional sense. Japan is a powerhouse in electronic equipment and robotics, but it tends to have many suicides and its people, without knowing why, live lives filled with fear.

The Saudi petro-monarchy is third among the countries in the world that carry out the most death sentences. It supplies the West with crude oil and this provides the excuse for some countries overlooking their brutal execution practices. Its rate of executions has been increasing exponentially every year, reaching levels of 20 years ago.

According to Amnesty International, the methods of execution vary depending on the laws of each country and Saudi Arabia retains some of the cruelest methods, such as beheading and capital punishment in public.

Regarding the energy sector, Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of oil and has 20% of the world’s crude oil reserves.

For its part, India’s growth rate is more than 7% and in a couple of years it will be the most populous nation in the world. It is among the top five food producers and has one of the cheapest labor in the world, although it allows practices that are like slavery and involve ill-treatment.

From India we move to Germany which is a very robust economy that is growing day by day and exports machinery and high technology to the whole world. And although it does not have an army at the moment, nobody in Europe wants it to have one because of what happened in the past.

Russia is currently in an economic crisis and cannot even produce food for its people who are trying every day to leave their country for Western Europe. It is incredible, but nations as small as North Korea have a better economy than Russia which has the largest territory in the world.

China is the direct competitor of the United States, with an overvalued currency and an autocratic government that is re-elected every five years by its communist party. It grew by 12% a few years ago and is now growing by 6%. They grant many loans to countries that are on their routes to the West so that they will consume their products and create a chain of debtors, which allows them to preserve the large amount of money they saved in almost half a century.

With its 320 million inhabitants, the United States is the only superpower in the world in the last 30 years that still has a population with excellent domestic lives, much better than that of the Chinese, Russians and Europeans. In addition to that they have the best universities in the world and constantly create new cutting-edge technologies.

Finally, France and the United Kingdom are still the two great powers remaining in Europe, but undoubtedly their days are numbered.

Addendum: It is not very difficult to envisage what will happen in the world in the next decade with this vision of the seven great world powers of today.