Geopolitics of the Middle East

Geopolitics of the Middle East

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


Even though the Western media is determined to hide the great crime committed by the United States against the nations that make up the Greater Middle East (the area from Cairo to Saudi Arabia), there is no doubt that the real situation in this Eurasian region has always been hidden in order to create an erroneous theory about private property and racial superiority and about those who control those elements through existing financial, monetary and speculative means.


It is not a matter of just any conflict, but the crux of all the problems of the world, where a small international elite, of predominantly Anglo-Saxons and Jews, is seeking to take absolute control of the world’s goods and the monetary system that allows for the continuing preservation of the great difference between rich and poor nations with very different levels of domestic life and intellectual capacity. In order to do this, they have the inexplicable alliance of the governments of the emirs and the Arab caliphs who support the United States with an incredible military agreement for an amount that is greater than that of all the combined military budgets of the major world powers.


It is very likely that if one were to count the number of people killed by the United States Department of Defense, by the soldiers  they have in nearly 800 military bases around the world, by their main institutions that are home to state terrorism, such as the CIA, the FBI, and especially the ‘Pentagon hawks’ who hire mercenary groups around the world, the figure would probably reach more than one billion dead in the era of Reagan and the Bushes alone, far more than the number of dead from World War II, which was the start of the use of nuclear weapons.


The most terrible aspect of these global crimes committed by the US was that the majority of the dead were members of the civilian population whose misfortune was to have been born in countries like Libya, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the majority of the nations of Arab origin that inhabit the north coast of Africa, bordering Saudi Arabia going back to the Mediterranean or continuing towards India.


Although the hegemony established in that region to date by Jews, Americans and, to a lesser extent, the British, it is very likely that in the next two years or so a regional crisis will erupt that no one will be able to control, since the pressure exerted by Russia to sell its hydrocarbons and keep the food it obtains from Ukraine, will not be able to contain the vast banking control exercised by Germany in the EU, nor the high costs resulting from the UK’s departure from the European Union, not to mention the endless problems caused in France by a president who has no idea about public administration. He has allowed all political parties to become effervescent and he does not know that his country’s army has been the basis of all public security and of the recognition of the country as a major world power since the time of Charles de Gaulle in 1968.


Addendum: Although new major powers such as China and India have come into existence, reconfiguring the present world order, the United States will undoubtedly always point out that all such crimes are understandable in terms of a very peculiar worldview created by the alliance of the Quakers, fleeing from Ireland, and the Freemasons who sought to drive the English out of American territory at a time when the whole world was rural. They created a sui generis mythology in which the ‘gods of reason’,  just out of kindness, granted the United States the privilege of showing the entire world the path of truth by way of ‘an angel of the female gender’ that can still be found in New York.