Ethical Consciousness in Business (I)

Ethical Consciousness in Business (I)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo


In a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum, businessmen were asked to rate the level of transparency of their companies in different countries. The ten countries with the most ethical businessmen were:


1.- New Zealand

2.- Finland

3.- Singapore

4.- Denmark

5.- Switzerland

6.- Norway

7.- Japan

8.- Luxembourg

9.- Qatar

10.- Holland


The 10 countries with the worst ethical behavior are:


Angola 144

Mauritania 143

Paraguay 142

Lebanon 141

Bangladesh 140

Venezuela 139

Argentina 138

Guinea 137

Haiti 136

Burundi 135


For their part, in terms of ethical behavior, businessmen in Latin America and the Caribbean rank as follows:


Chile 26

Uruguay 31

Costa Rica 41

Panama 70

Jamaica 74

Guatemala 79

Bolivia 80

El Salvador 85

Honduras 86

Mexico 102

Guyana 104

Brazil 107

Suriname 108

Colombia 110

Peru 115

Nicaragua 118

Dominican Republic 124

Haiti 136

Argentina 138

Venezuela 139

Paraguay 142


According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2014 – 2015 prepared by the World Economic Forum, Angola is the country with the most corrupt businessmen in the world, averaging 2.6 points out of a possible 7, Mauritania 2.7 and Paraguay 2.9. Then comes Lebanon with 2.9, Bangladesh with 2.9, Venezuela 2.9, Argentina 3, Guinea 3.1 and Burundi 3.1. So there are four African countries, four Latin American countries and two Asian countries in this group.


Meanwhile, the country with the best ethical performance is New Zealand with a score of 6.5 out of a possible 7, followed by Finland with 6.4 and Singapore with 6.2. The strange thing is that the 3 best countries are from different regions on the planet and have very different cultures. Their only similarity is that they are integrated societies with highly developed institutions and with respect for the rules. Then there is Denmark with 6.2, Qatar with 5.9 and Holland with 5.9.


This study proves that corruption is a problem that affects all societies when their institutions are weak and when the citizen seeks his own benefit and has no regard for any kind of rule.


Finally, the 10 countries which have businessmen with the worst ethical behavior are Angola at 144, Mauritania at 143, Paraguay at 142, Lebanon at 141, Bangladesh at 140, Venezuela at 139, Argentina at 138, Guinea at 137, Haiti 136 and Burundi 135.