Climate Change (V)

Climate Change (V)

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

What is done in the next ten years will determine the future of humanity for the next 10,000 years. Greenteach experts say that we can all participate and contribute a little, and so they propose individual measures as solutions to climate change:


1.- Reduce the power of contracted lighting which would save money and not waste energy. Adjust and monitor the use of appliances.

2.- Use renewable energy. Solar panels or mini wind turbines can be installed.

3.- Buy more energy-efficient appliances.

4.- Replace light bulbs with LEPs and use motion sensors that turn on only when needed.

5.- Do not leave lights on and disconnect everything that is not required.

6.- Be energy efficient in the kitchen. Cover pans. Use water only when food is going to be boiled. Use a pressure cooker. Do not preheat the oven and do not open it until the cooking is done.

7.- Take a quick shower instead of a long bath. Turn off the tap while you lather. Install a water-side economizer in the shower to cut water and energy consumption in half.

8.- Conserve in the laundry: wash with cold water and without prewashing. After washing, hang clothes to dry and do not tumble dry.

9.- Adjust the heating; it is better if you can avoid turning it on.

10.- Reuse containers and items. If possible buy second-hand containers instead of new ones.

11.- Recycle as much as possible by depositing each waste type in the appropriate container.

12.- Reduce consumption and waste.

13.- Avoid traveling by plane since planes emit a lot of carbon dioxide. If you use a car, let it be with several people. Use buses or trains, bicycles and even skateboards and electric bicycles.

14.- Educate children, acquaintances and relatives about the environment.