Andrew Yang for President of the United States


Andrew Yang for President of the United States 

Written by Alfonso Elizondo

This incredible individual is the son of a Chinese family that migrated to the United States towards the end of the 20th century. He was educated in the US university system and has put himself forward as a Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States in the upcoming 2020 elections. Yang is an exceptional individual who speaks perfect English and maintains a permanent sense of humor . He has managed to amass a large fortune and has a totally revolutionary view of the current financial and political world. He is proposing a kind of new era in the global world with a total change in the paradigms and methods used to measure economic growth and the return on capital, and to measure all the factors that reflect the economy. This is in addition to having a clear understanding of people’s domestic life and the idea of a society where capitalism and socialism coexist in peace.


Yang thinks that there is no rational foundation in the current methods for measuring material productivity as well as to determine the income from capital, the value of real estate, the population itself and the fiscal burdens that the State determines for companies and individuals. He views them as just the residues of an obsolete system of federal democracy that is on the way to extinction. Accordingly, he estimates that within 4 or 5 years the US status as a constitutional democracy will cease to exist and the same thing will happen to most countries in Europe and the Middle East that claim to be democracies.


Addendum: In the next article I will try to lay out most of the figures that Yang estimates will govern the reality of the current world.