The great agreement between China and the United States



Last week a great diplomatic agreement was reached between China and the United States, where the main conflicts between these great powers were solved. From territorial and military on South Pacific to economic, commercial, ecological and cyber spying threatened with armed conflict between the powers with greatest military power in the world. In the digital world, the agreements were made via institutions and transnational companies for each of the different issues. Then they were carefully encrypted with the Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba ant to the United Stated, were all the media power of Washington was applied in order to do not allow the conventional media pay attention to the major problems which he would set out and to solve to the President Xi Jinping of China.

In a certain way, what took place in the United States last week was the establishment of the foundations of a new global order bilateral posing new ways to regulate all military, economics, commercial, financial, exploit of natural resources functions and the different forms of energy including water and wildlife resources, production of basic food as well. Although, some regulations have been already established in the previous global institutions as UNO and NATO since the end of the War World II. On facts they were never respected, and both Western governments and those of great powers of Far East and manipulated the regulations according to their private interests that led to actions which evaded all regulations leading the world to the very long period of time were the discretionary wars with private companies of mercenaries took control of the international geopolitics, international finance and main businesses in the world.

It is obvious that the most important points of this new world order are those refer to the preservation of the scientific and technological developments and to the conservation of ecology, because all development nations are aware that their economic and social development depends on science and even considers the family group and their descendants as their main concern.

While global wars are no longer important to the great powers from the excess of political leaders after Regan in the United States, who led the great nation to the total bankruptcy. From Korean and Vietnam War by the mid-twentieth century to the current invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan at the beginning of the 21thcentury that have not been solved and they are the source of great problems in the region North Africa and Middle East. Although most US citizens have little interest in military activity of their country, mercenaries’ and hydrocarbon industry owners’ families still have much power and they continue fighting for there is a demand for their big fortunes invested in weapons and energy pollution.

The most conclusive and wonderful about this event is the fundamental model that will regulate the new world order without any sense of offense or undermined has begun. All demonstrations of ideologies, myths and religions tend to disappear, as well as all expression of violence and aggression to the various expressions of nature. Even though it seems a world completely different to it has lived for the last two hundred years, it seems there will be no penalties or prosecutions for those who have misused their political, religious or economic power and a new method of peaceful coexistence will be constructed -there is already happening- where myths will be hardly a point of historical reference, with some confused ties to aesthetics and ethics.

Right now no one reminds that the canonization of the first Saint of Catholic Church in the United States corresponds to Friar Junipero Serra, an uninformed Franciscan priest from Islands Majorca who in the mid-18thcentury was sent with other 20 Franciscan priests to New Spain and thereafter selected by his curia head in Mexico City to create and monitor five “missions” facility has a base in Jalpan, Sierra Gorda, where made indigenes of that region work as beasts of burden to the service of the Spanish encomenderos without any pay. They were mistreated because they were considered animals without a soul. Just with the same position of “missions” head, he was sent to California that it was a territory of Viceroyalty of Mexico at that time.

Either is not reminded now a very close fact happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just at the beginning of August of this year, when the Catholic Archdiocese in this city, agreed to sign a check for $21 million dollars after many years of negotiations between catholic leaders and victims of pedophile priests. Although the final agreement about the amount of compensation barely reach 330 of 3000 abused children. (Stephanie Le Bars, Washington Post, Sept. 26, 2015).

The catholic hierarchy of the diocese had achieved to protect guilty priests by periodically changing the trial date or financial terms with the purpose to give a discreet exit of the church to the pedophiles. Between threats and disclosures the Franciscans of the archdiocese recovered great part of their financial assets withdraw from their accounts tens of millions of dollars shortly before the archdiocese to filling bankruptcy in 2011. This situation of the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee was repeated in other 5 different archdioceses and became one of the most shameful pages of the Catholic Church history in the United States.

Addendum: There is a general tendency of errors and wickedness committed in the past by politic, economic, financial or religious institutions be forgiven or at least forgotten, because the genetic of the human being has never allowed him to replace emotion an memories with scientific rationality.